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Rules for School Correspondence

8. Rules for School Correspondence

CLASSROOM E-MAILS - you should designate one room parent to handle communications to the classroom. This person should save the e-mail addresses of the entire class in a group, and send out messages to the class as needs arise through blind CC. It is much easier to correspond and field questions one on one than a confused chain of multiple responses. THE CLASS E-MAILS SHOULD PERTAIN TO SCHOOL ACTIVITIES ONLY AND CANNOT BE USED AS A FORUM FOR PERSONAL BELIEFS OR PERSONAL BUSINESS. PLEASE MODIFY YOUR EMAIL SIGNATURES ACCORDINGLY.

Please use email to send general communication and forward any information sent to you by the Room Parent Coordinator. Sometimes, these emails contain important attachments, which can only be sent by email. PLEASE DO NOT USE SHUTTERFLY FOR GENERAL COMMUNICATION. Calendar events and notifications can be sent by Shutterfly.