Organizations and Programs

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Carpenter Community Charter School is dedicated to offering an enriched learning environment to all our students. Parents For Carpenter (PFC) and Carpenter's PTA provide funding for most of these programs that make Carpenter so special.



PFC provides all Carpenter students with weekly classes in music, physical education, dance instruction, art, media lab and science classes. PFC also funds classroom downsizing, support for our teachers and administration, educational materials, technology upgrades, and beautification/site improvements. Please see "Carpenter Programs" for more detailed information on PFC-funded enrichment programs at Carpenter.

PFC fundraising will continue to play a key role in the development of Carpenter Community Charter School. To fulfill the vision of our school, the PFC remains committed to expanding, and improving the programs, supervision and educational opportunities available to Carpenter students.


The Carpenter PTA is focused on providing for the well-being of our kids and families, developing a stronger sense of community, and organizing activities that make our Carpenter experience richer and more meaningful. We provide exciting and engaging school assemblies, extra-curricular events like the Halloween Carnival and the Spelling Bee, and hands-on community service opportunities. Funding comes from membership dues, the Book Fair, Spirit Store sales, and other student-focused efforts. Our strength and energy comes from YOU. Please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to get involved. We encourage everyone to participate.


Each spring, parent representatives are elected to our Council, which is composed of parents, teachers, and administrators.  The Council meets one afternoon per month to address key issues such as curriculum, budget, school safety, and more.  We urge you to attend these meetings and gain a direct voice in the policies of Carpenter.



The PFC funded Art Program provides instruction to all classes that participate. The benefits of the Art Program extend beyond a creative outlet for our children.  Art helps build confidence, enhances fine motor skills, encourages self-expression, and promotes the use of imagination.


The Carpenter PTA provides additional school-year funding for Youth Services personnel, ensuring consistent supervision on the playground each school day from dismissal until 6:00 p.m.


PFC funds a credentialed education specialist, Mia Grayck, who works with small groups of 4th and 5th grade students for language arts and math, helping to ensure students are learning grade-level standards. This "pullout" program is divided into two language arts classes (one per grade), and two math classes (one per grade). All students benefit from an enhanced teacher-to-student ratio during the pullout period. In addition, this funding supports a dedicated aide to assist 4th and 5th grade teachers.


PFC donations fund our Dance program, taught by Susan Linville. This program fills a portion of the PE requirement as well as meeting the standards for the LAUSD Arts curriculum. K through 5th grade students participate in 30 minutes of dance a week for several months throughout the school year.


Carpenter's newly updated Media Lab, funded by PFC, offers students in grades 1 through 5 the opportunity to explore new technology in weekly classes led by their teachers and supported by our dedicated Media Lab instructor, Mike Benson. Kindergarten students go to the Media Lab for half the year. The instructor is also available to work with teachers in planning and coordinating lab projects designed to familiarize students with current word processing, presentation and design software.


PFC funding makes possible school wide participation in a comprehensive music program, encompassing music history, singing, appreciation, movement and rhythm instrument instruction, for 30 minutes a week. In addition, Carpenter's award-winning music specialist, Kimberly Taweel, orchestrates the school's annual Winter Holiday Program.


This program, funded by donations to PFC, meets all federal, state and LAUSD mandated standards and offers all Carpenter students 30 minutes a week of physical education guided by our credentialed coach, Marty Rackham.


PFC funding enables our science program to flourish. With our dedicated specialist, Lori Belateche, helping students learn California State science standards, all students experience science hands on, in our outstanding lab. All grade levels participate in science experiments that reinforce grade level curriculum.


PTA funding supports Student Aid, which ensures that economic disadvantage does not prevent any Carpenter student from obtaining school supplies, books, clothing and field trip funds. The PTA also provides funding for filtered water in the nurses office for the convenience of students who may need to take daily medication.


Working closely with each of Carpenter's teachers, the PFC provides every classroom teacher with funds for the acquisition of educational materials required to support specialized curricula.

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